Why Should You Hire a Professional Resume Writer?

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If you have considered working with a professional resume writer, you may have had some valid concerns. Will my resume become unrecognizable or inaccurate? Will the employer be able to tell that someone else wrote my resume?

A professional and experienced resume writer works with you to review your career history, select high-value content, and phrase it in compelling ways to achieve a match between the employer’s needs and your skills. Your goals, talents, experience, and voice drive the process to save your time and boost your confidence.

1) Expedite your application process and save time while learning new skills.

Applying for jobs can take weeks. Consider your weekly salary and the time you invest in the application process. A skilled resume writer is prepared to lighten your project load and help you meet your deadlines, while engaging you in a focused and beneficial way.

I ask my clients to send me one or two target positions and respond to the specific questions I embed throughout the first draft to clarify and quantify the accomplishments. No additional questionnaires. A phone call can be added if a client would like one.

Relying on my experience with clients from various industries (academic, government, or business), I also provide suggestions on how to improve your application process.

As a resume writer, I research your past and potential employers, review job descriptions carefully for key requirements, and deliver the content in a sequence and word choice that will be most familiar and convenient to the intended reader.

2) Value-focused questions help you consolidate your achievements.

Working with a resume writer involves answering customized questions to fill your resume with high-value content (achievements) and remove non-specific material (tasks and duties). This process helps you articulate your unique professional value in ways that you may not have thought about.

Many of my past clients provided excellent recommendation letters, examples of achievements, and other unique selling points that they had forgotten about. In this way, we were able to describe complex, successful projects in specific terms and select pithy, spot-on quotes for testimonials.

3) Articulating your accomplishments with a resume writer is great interview training.

A resume writer’s detailed and personalized approach provides an excellent perspective on your career: the writer creates content that will work in your favor considering the potential response from your readers—busy professionals with only a few seconds to select candidates. Your writer’s knowledge of your audience and your unique goals helps you to deliver the right message in the right format.

A resume writer will trim the unnecessary detail and hold the attention of your readers with the essential information about your measurable results, core skills, unique selling points, and important soft skills.

This is a no-stress, safe environment where you practice focusing on the information that is most important to your next employer.

4) A resume writer is knowledgeable about the latest industry conventions, social media, keyword optimization, ATS filters, and resume reading times.

An experienced resume writer has worked with a broad range of industries and clients and applies best practices to create a document that is easy to update and customize in the future.

The learning component of the process makes you more prepared for potential performance reviews or raise requests. A resume writer will also share suggestions on using LinkedIn to strengthen your network and brand.

The job application process involves many steps and adjustments to strategy. The confidence boost you get in a collaborative process with a resume writer is a valuable advantage that may help you negotiate a higher salary and get the dream job faster.


About the author:

Tanya Mykhaylychenko provides resume writing and career strategy services. Connect with her on LinkedIn for networking tips and ideas on career development.

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