What Makes a Resume Writing Service Credible?

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Professional resume writing associations have been around since the early 1990s. While we have a wealth of knowledge about the ever-changing hiring practices, the number of resume services is also growing, including speed-oriented reformatting services. You want to work with a writer who is experienced, strategic, and committed to demonstrating to your target employer how and why you are the right match.

Here are some attributes of an effective and trustworthy resume writing service:


  • A professional website that answers all or most of your initial questions
  • Membership in professional associations and/or certifications.
  • Market rates: avoid inexpensive offers that will simply retype/reformat your resume.

Resume Writer’s Experience:

  • Writer’s background in HR, recruiting, career/academic advising, and/or professional writing
  • Writer’s experience with specific industries or career levels (executives, academics, IT, etc.)
  • Writer’s own LinkedIn profile, recommendations, testimonials, and resume samples

Service & Approach:

  • A strategic approach: you should be part of a collaborative process.
  • Your career goals and target roles drive the process.
  • Specific and strategic questions are asked from the perspective of your target employers, focusing on your unique professional offer and measurable achievements.
  • The writer provides useful content via a blog or free e-books and is willing to answer your questions.

About the author:

Tanya Mykhaylychenko provides resume writing and career strategy services. Connect with her on LinkedIn for networking tips and ideas on career development.

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