The Value of Editing for Business and Web Content

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The credibility of your organization and its online content is undermined by factual errors, typos, awkward phrasing, and/or problems with clarity and consistency. Research shows that edited web pages have ~30% better engagement.

A professional editor brings the following value to your business:

✔ Today’s readers are media-savvy, time-efficient audiences.

✔ They skim content on mobile devices in search of the answers they need.

✔ Online readers can share your content via social media and talk about you publicly, recommending your services or disapproving of them.

✔ Consumers are wary of spam, fraud, or phishing; a spelling error can be a deciding factor.

✔ An editor helps you get to the point; as a result, your readers act on your content.

✔ Headlines and subheads are the focus of attention, a powerful call to action, and SEO spots.

✔ An editor can help you hone the content structure and make your content competitive.

✔ Clear and engaging content converts your readers into loyal customers.

About the author:

Tanya Mykhaylychenko provides resume writing and career strategy services. Connect with her on LinkedIn for networking tips and ideas on career development.

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