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Academic Editing:

“Tanya is an exceptional ally in the writing process. We collaborated on several projects, and I found her to be extremely helpful, insightful, clear and efficient — always submitting documents ahead of our time line. She exceeded my expectations, and I can’t recommend her enough!”
— Academic client (educational leadership)

“I truly enjoyed working with Tanya as a professional writing consultant. She was always timely with correspondence and revisions and provided structured feedback that allowed me to better understand my writing goals. I recommend her to anyone in need of her services in professional writing and editing!”
— Academic client (apparel design & robotics)

Resume Writing:

“Tanya was able to provide me with an excellent and professional-looking CV that consolidated my work and academic experience into a more readable and digestible format. Tanya demonstrated her knowledge by making several style and content choices independent of my input. Choices that often radically altered my CV. Every time I asked for a justification for her decisions, she easily explained why she made a decision and every time it was well reasoned and substantiated. I appreciated this independence on her part and think it’s a reflection of her talent and skill. As we made adjustments to the document after receiving a first draft, Tanya was responsive, courteous, and professional.”
— Academic CV client (healthcare science)

“You have perfectly captured exactly what I was seeking to convey. Thank you for your professionalism in meeting the deadlines with the content delivered very concise and well written.”
— Resume writing client (accounting)

“I arranged an interview within six hours of submitting my resume and cover letter.”
— Resume writing client (life sciences)

“The timing and everything you worked on is perfect. Today I have a phone interview and now with the resume you have created I can speak with confidence, excitement, and enthusiasm.”
— Resume writing client (technical)

“You are truly an artist with words and have managed to articulate what I could not. I am thoroughly impressed by your talent!”
— Resume writing client (nursing)

“This resume looks very clean and updated! I was not getting any calls for follow-ups or interviews with my previous resume. My most sincere thanks!”
— Resume writing client (sales)

“This is great, thank you so much! I am actually really happy with these and don’t see much to add or ask for a revision. I think you captured my core concerns in articulating my current skills in a more engineering, less IT way.”
— Resume writing client (engineering)

“Using the new version of the resume recently assisted me in receiving two upcoming phone interviews.”
— Resume writing client (hospitality)

“I read over my resume and it does look a lot better and straight to the point. I’m so excited! I’ve already made the necessary changes and I’m about to start putting it out there now!!”
— Resume writing client (marketing)

“Just wanted to reach out and thank you for your work on my resume. I landed a great job today and was regularly complimented on my resume throughout the process.”
— Resume writing client (finance & accounting)

“Tanya helped me with my resume earlier this year. She made several revisions, where she asked the right questions about my job experiences and skills, giving them a more meaningful, readable and appealing form. Some of Tanya’s questions even made me think of my career path from a different perspective, shifting the focus to achievements. This gave me more confidence at job interviews and soon I landed a great job as a software developer. Tanya’s help completely exceeded my expectations!”
— Resume writing client (IT)

Distance Education:

“When you talked to me on the phone, I felt reassured. I also felt as if I had known you for a very long time. As students, we are very lucky because you have the ability to destroy, from the first conversation, all barriers that might exist between students and their teachers.”
— ESL student in an online university course


“Tanya recently finished a long translation project on my behalf going from Ukrainian to English. It took nearly a year to complete because there was so much to do (hundreds of pages). Her work on this project was superb. She submitted to me all translations in a timely manner. I would, and likely will, ask her to work on other projects with me.”
— William Noll, the author of Transformation of Civil Society. An Oral History of Ukrainian Peasant Culture of the 1920-1930s

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