Preparing for Uncertainty

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When events like Covid-19 or other economic fluctuations destabilize your work trajectory, take a moment to reflect on your actions and strategies, instead of dwelling too much on uncertainty and losses.

Your assets include your mental strength, your ability to act (vs. to react), a sense of focus (on positive outcomes), and confidence (awareness of all your resources and ways to keep boosting them).

Here are some action items to consider.

1.      Stay level-headed.

This gives you an advantage among people who panic, give in to fear, get disorganized, and consequently don’t perform well. Companies will always hire, retain, and respect resilient, focused, positive, and resourceful employees.

2.      Stay productive and do your job.

Your sense of calm is a big contributor to this. Organize your daily routine, track progress with notes or spreadsheets, and draft plans for upcoming weeks and months.

3.      Surround yourself with people with a similar attitude.

Depending on the situation, this can be as few as 2-3 people from your work or private life.

4.      Continue networking.

Have conversations about productive topics: what you are doing now that brings positive outcomes; how you can join forces with someone to be helpful to others. Connect people who can benefit from meeting each other. Share important resources. Request or give LinkedIn recommendations.

5.      Prepare notes for a possible performance evaluation.

Document your achievements, specific results, and measurable contributions, along with how you got there (your strategy).

6.      Practice gratitude, a sense of satisfaction, and a positive view of the future.

This may include writing down what you currently have and are grateful for and writing a list of action items for the next few weeks or months.

7.      Update your media presence: LinkedIn and Indeed profiles, your website, and directory listings.

SEO-optimized profiles make you findable by companies that are hiring or potential clients (if you offer consulting services). If you are currently employed but always wanted to build a consulting practice in addition to your work, this may be a good time to put marketing tools in place.

8.      Educate others.

High-quality information is of the utmost importance in times of uncertainty. If you have strong analytical and critical thinking skills and can process large volumes of information to select quality resources, share them with your network.

9.      Draft a list of professionals to connect with right now or in the next few months.

Prepare a list of their titles for LinkedIn searches, notes for an introductory message that you can customize, and a list of your unique skills (how you can solve their problems).

10.   Create a list of at least 15 potential employers and research these companies.

Find out about their business goals and key services or products offered.

11.   Join a professional association.

You will gain access to curated resources and the latest industry updates. Choose your membership carefully to get the value you need. If you’re already a member, take time to catch up on the materials.

12.   Choose 2-3 quality news channels.

Put a limit on how often you read the updates. Stay informed while staying productive and focused on what you can do on your end.

13.   Prepare your career documents.

If you anticipate a change in your work situation, be strategic about your next steps. Find a career coach or a resume writer you would like to work with. If you prefer a DIY approach, look up several free career development resources and go through them methodically. Have your documents ready for effective applications.

In all of your actions, keep your eyes on the prize. It may be keeping your current job, staying in your industry, advancing in your profession, increasing your employability, keeping yourself and your loved ones healthy. Remember that this is temporary, and you can pursue your goals regardless.


About the author:

Tanya Mykhaylychenko is a professional resume writer with a background in content writing, university teaching, and IT staffing. She is a member of Editors Canada and Career Professionals of Canada. For more information, please visit or contact her at to schedule a free introductory consultation.

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