Phrasing achievements on your resume for job applications, performance reviews, or raise requests

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Are you thinking of a new position, a performance review, or an annual raise? Prepare gradually by knowing the measurable components of your work and noting your achievements on a regular basis.

Gather data about your accomplishments for potential resume updates.

I recommend that you jot down, on a regular basis (each month, quarter, or year—depending on the type of work you do), the problems you solved at work, how you solved them, and what the measurable results were for the company, internal or externals customers, or other stakeholders.

  • The problem is a situation in which a work challenge is either presented to you by the office or identified by you on your own.
  • Your solution is the method or the approach you take to improve the situation (your analytical skills, knowledge of your work environment, leadership, problem-solving, or ability to use technology).
  • The result is a measurable outcome for the whole company, one department, or a particular group of people.

Make notes on the context and quantify the results where applicable. This can include:

  • new prospects opened
  • effective processes introduced
  • number of work hours or dollars saved
  • % of the increase in revenue or accuracy

If the outcome is not measurable in terms of quantity, accurately describe the resulting change in quality (improvements in relationships, staff motivation, or new opportunities).

This approach is commonly used for active job search or performance reviews. However, if, in the absence of a performance review, you see an opportunity to present your accomplishments to the management, you may choose to email them your description of achievements (problem – solution – result) and request a raise.

The sample resume below features examples of quantified achievements.



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Tanya Mykhaylychenko is a professional resume writer with a background in content writing, university teaching, and IT staffing. She is a member of Editors Canada and Career Professionals of Canada. For more information, please visit or contact her at to schedule a free introductory consultation.

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