Networking Strategy Session

This personalized, one-on-one coaching session is for mindset alignment around your networking habits and goals. We co-create networking activities you will use as part of your job search or personal brand development.

Referred candidates are more likely to be selected for an interview and get an offer. With regular networking, you can balance out your job application strategy: roughly 50% of opportunities could be from online job postings and the other 50%—from inquiries that you get or initiate through your network.

Let job opportunities come to you. When you are offered a project or a job through networking, you are already known and trusted. This puts you in the position to compete on your value and reputation, not on cost.

What do I gain from the Networking Strategy Session?

✔ Clarity about networking tools and strategies
✔  Examples of networking opportunities and how to create them
✔  Ideas on how to phrase networking messages
✔  A transformation of the mindset for consistent and enjoyable networking, in line with your unique communication style

What is included in the Networking Strategy Session?

▻ Resources and worksheets for your career level
▻ Where applicable, customized template(s) for networking messages

What are the fees?

$150 USD (60 minutes)

How do I get started?

Email me at to schedule a time or a discovery call.

Bundle discounts are available if you would like to add this service as part of your resume package.

Book your Networking Strategy Session.