Interview & Compensation Negotiation Coaching

I am a Certified Interview & Compensation Negotiation Coach by Career Thought Leaders Consortium.

A coaching session is a safe and customized space where I listen intently to your needs and propose a structure to help you set the foundation for confidence and understand the interviewing process better.

During the session, we dive deep and co-create interviewing strategies for your unique situation. To guide your preparation, I provide multiple worksheets with examples and structures to use in your career development, such as Interview Types, Your Differentiators, CART Stories for Job Interviews, Common Interview Questions, Company Research, Compensation Research, Tell Me About Yourself, Responding to Illegal Questions, and more.

Interview coaching is a transformative experience that helps you:

– build confidence and align your mindset
– research employers, roles, and compensation
– prepare for interview success, including virtual and asynchronous interviews
– deliver authentic interview performance
– maximize compensation

Two-Session Job Interview Coaching  – $ 395 USD       

  • Assessment & Planning Session (one hour):

– assess your mindset and experience with interviewing (past experiences, interview types)
– define your priorities and map out the upcoming interview(s)
– brainstorm your unique differentiators and strengths
– discuss the format(s) for your career stories (practice one example)
– address your concerns and interview questions you find uncomfortable

  • Homework (one hour+):

– prepare your company and compensation research
– write down stories to address top skill sets and commonly asked questions
– practice and record audio with timing

  • Practice & Action Planning Session (one hour):

– review company research
– roleplay the mock interview and salary negotiation
– plan actions for continued preparation and practice
– discuss final steps (thank you notes, portfolios, etc.)

Compensation Coaching (stand-alone service) – $ 225 USD 

This is a one-hour coaching session to help you define and negotiate your compensation package. We start with a short intake call to discuss your situation, and I provide worksheets you can use for salary research. During the coaching session, we discuss the negotiation scenarios and the phrasing you could use.

Hourly Job Interview Coaching – $ 225 USD/hour

If you have a specific topic to discuss, a one-hour coaching session may be enough. We start with a short intake call to define your goals, and I provide worksheets you can use to prepare for the session. During the coaching session itself, we focus on your concern and discuss and/or roleplay the applicable scenarios.

**Intake calls are free of charge. An advance payment is required to book a coaching session and receive worksheets.**

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