How to Choose Your References

Validating your experiences with cover letters and LinkedIn recommendations is expected in the workplace. While modern resumes do not include a list of references, nor the phrase “references [...]

Preparing for Uncertainty

When events like Covid-19 or other economic fluctuations destabilize your work trajectory, take a moment to reflect on your actions and strategies, instead of dwelling too much on uncertainty and [...]

How Do I Market My Resume?

A client asked this question the other day, and it calls for a blog post. Indeed, what you do with your strategically written resume is as important as preparing career documents that set you [...]

Where to Look for Jobs

When you set out to look for employment, being organized and equipped with tools is half the job. Consider job search a full-time, temporary enterprise and approach it with a focus and a [...]

How to Write Better

Whether in government, academic, medical, technical, or business environments, we have all encountered “zombie prose”—opaque writing that fails to see the topic from the readers’ point of view. [...]