Career Development Worksheets

Career development is a strategic process that involves engaging in introspection, honing (and adding) multiple skills, and aligning your job search with your career vision. The good news is that you do not have to do it all at once. More good news: as you evolve in your line of work, you continue to get better at setting priorities and focusing on one or two career growth tools at a time.

These free, printable career planning worksheets and checklists are designed to help you look through ideas, identify what applies to your situation, and start acting on the items of your choice—without the overwhelm.

I invite you to engage with these career development resources for 15-30 minutes at a time. The goal is not to add a lot to your schedule. The goal is to gain more clarity about certain aspects of your career development. Are there aspects where you could be more efficient? Are there career development activities that are not serving you anymore? Have you been forgetting to mention some of your significant achievements?

Use these professional development worksheets before or after our phone consultation or at any point in your self-assessment.

Career Direction is a worksheet to help you get clarity around your desired role(s).

Professional Brand is about the alignment of your presentation on paper, in person, and online.

Job Search Checklist can help you get organized, think strategically, and be selective when looking for jobs. Combine online job applications with networking and hidden job market exploration for the best results.

Differentiators worksheet will help you articulate all your strengths. Use it for resume updates and job interview preparation.

Cover Letter checklist is about customizing cover letters for each job application.

Start Networking on LinkedIn is a guide to help you start networking and adding your voice to the conversations on LinkedIn.

Start Posting Content on LinkedIn will help you assess your readers, subject matter expertise, content genres, consistency, and engagement goals.

Networking Map will help you grow your network on and off LinkedIn.

If you have comments or questions about your reflections on these worksheets, I’m happy to connect: