How to Add Numbers & Quantifiable Results to Your Resume

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Does your current resume look like a list of tasks from the original job description?

To stand out among the competition and get interview requests, you need an achievement-based resume.

Phrase your professional value as results that will resonate with a potential employer, show the scope of your work, and illustrate your strategy (how you deliver those measurable results).

Numbers lighten the cognitive load for your readers and help them grasp the specifics of what you achieved for past employers.

Add numbers throughout your resume, where applicable:

  • the number of projects completed and budget ranges
  • the number of corporate offices or people on the team
  • the number of hours, days, or dollars saved in a particular project
  • the number of direct reports or colleagues/departments you coordinate with regularly
  • the percentage of increase in accuracy, productivity, sales, or another category
  • even the year your company was founded or its annual sales volume, if publicly known

Write down a list of measurable parameters in your current role. Determine which of them you could disclose on the resume (and which are protected by non-disclosure agreements). Keep track of the numbers and add them to your resume.

The sample resume below features examples of quantified achievements.



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