Hello. I’m Tanya Mykhaylychenko, an executive resume writer and job interview coach based in Montreal.

I have worked as a career professional since 2014, leveraging my background in business writing and university writing teaching. While I work primarily with managers, directors, VPs, and C-level executives, I can help job seekers at any level get clarity about their careers, apply for jobs strategically, be found online, and interview with confidence.

I have a Master of Arts in English from a writing-intensive program at Colorado State University (2009) and a certification as an Interview & Compensation Negotiation Coach (2023) by Career Thought Leaders, a think tank for coaches, counselors, and resume writers.

Executive Resume & LinkedIn Profile Writing

With 9+ years of experience in resume writing for executives, I have honed a customized and efficient approach. We discuss your goals and achievements during a one-hour resume strategy call. Based on my notes from the call, I write career documents to position you for your target roles.

Core qualifications:

  • experience in executive resume writing for all industries, independently and with award-winning companies in the US and Canada (since 2014)
  • professional development via Career Thought Leaders, Professional Association of Résumé Writers & Careers Coaches™, and Career Professionals of Canada
  • experience in IT staffing operations
  • Certified Interview and Compensation Negotiation Coach (2023)


As a copy editor, I review texts for clarity, impact, grammatical correctness, spelling, punctuation, and consistency of style and facts. I also apply Plain Language Principles to help readers understand, navigate, and act on digital content.

I ensure that the author’s message and expertise are reflected in a compelling way for the target readers, be it book chapters or online content. To view my completed book projects, click here.

Core skills and qualifications:

Interview Coaching

As a Certified Interview & Compensation Negotiation Coach, I create a safe, customized space for you to improve your interviewing skills. I follow your agenda and listen intently to your unique needs.

I offer:

  • worksheets and resources to help you set the foundation for confidence and understand how job interviews work
  • a deep dive to support your personal growth through coaching
  • interviewing strategies for your unique situation
  • an improvement in clarity and concision of your career messages
  • ideas and tools for compensation negotiation

My Work Ethic

Since 2009, I have worked in remote environments in the U.S. and Canada—as a language teacher, copyeditor, and career professional. While I wholeheartedly believe in flexible work options and technological advances for efficiency, I always think about the value of meaningful interactions and trust in professional environments.

These are my commitments:

  1. I listen intently to my clients’ goals and create a collaborative space.
  2. I provide complete information for each client’s specific situation and needs.
  3. Clarity, honesty, and empathy are at the center of my practice.
  4. Working with me is confidential.
  5. I am available to answer questions by email at any time after I complete your project.

My clients enjoy working with me because of my efficiency, responsiveness, attentive listening, personalized approach, and adherence to deadlines.

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